Imotski Lakes

Imotski is located on the three-border point of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dalmatia and is the centre of the border-land of Imotski. It lies on the fertile field of Imotski and has two important sightseeing areas, two pearls of nature, the Crveno i Modro jezero (Red and Blue lake).

Imotski Lakes

These lakes are a favourite excursion site for the tourists and local people wanting a holiday in the middle of nature. The Modro Jezero (Blue lake) Karstic lake is one of the most beautiful Croatian lakes, and can be approached by a set of steps and is a favourite bathing area during the summer.

It often runs dry, and its bottom traditionally serves as a football pitch. Crveno jezero (Red Lake) is named after the red rocks at the edge of the lake. This karstic cave is 528 m high, and it is about 281m deep, which, according to some data, could be the deepest lake in the whole of Europe.

Crveno jezero (Red lake) is difficult to access due to the steep cliffs that surround it.