Things To Do Imotski and surroundings

Discover the beauty of Dalmatia with our things to do tourist travel guide. We have handpicked the best attractions, activities and places to see in Dalmatia. If your are planning to visit Dalmatia check our must see list of TOP places in Dalmatia.

Activities nearby

Hiking trails

The park can be used for organized and individual hiking. Visitors can according to the mountain-map on the field visit many roads and trails:

  • ecologically educational trail, "Dr. Fra Jure Radić"
  • Biokovo mountain path – BPS
  • access from the coastal side - northwest, central and south-eastern part of Biokovo
  • access from the hinterland side


Cycling is anticipated on the paved Biokovo road (23 km) from the entrance to the park to the highest peak of Sv. George - 1762 m asl, with particular caution since the road has only one lane and lay-bys and is used ​​during the tourist season by a number of cars, vans, buses and motorcycles.

The gravel-road trail Saranač 8 km long, and fire roads within the park and in the contact zones are suitable for mountain biking.

Rock climbing

Detailed information about rock climbing contact or Rock climbing can be used solely at your own risk.

Nature Park Biokovo


The airfield "Biokovo" is in the nature park Biokovo, and was officially registered under the Decision of the Ministry of Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, and is intended for flying paragliders, hang gliders and paragliders for sport and recreational flying. Takeoffs Miletin bor and Pržinovac are located in the park, and the landing Ramova is a part of the coastal promontory in Makarska.

Get more info about hiking trails, cycling and rock climbing on the Nature Park Bioko website.

Events in the area


Zagvozd is a host of one of the most famous theatrical encounters of Croatian actors known as Actors in Zagvozd. This little village in Zagora attracts theatre lovers and tourists during July and August. The rich festival programme comprises dramas and musicals i which are interpreted by theatre companies from the whole of Croatia, together with musical-folkloric subject- matters that include national dances and songs.


The location of the event is spectacular; green grass surrounding a water well Vodenjak, centre peace of the event (water well was built by locals in the 17th century), stone cliffs forming a ring around the area and sky covered with thousands of stars is just above. Every year on the first Saturday in August, locals from Zagvozd, joined in association Fisherman’s night in Bunje prepare fish, wine beer, rakia… for visitors of the event. This is a whole night party with food, live music and fireworks, and it is an event not to miss during the summer time.


It takes place on the last weekend of July besides the Vrljika river at Perinuša. Magic Time Vinyl Festival is a unique event in our parts – the festival of exclusively vinyl LP reproduced music. So, we are talking about an event of playing pure analogue sound, where you’ll hear neither digital nor live music. A festival devoted exclusively to vinyl records.