COVID-19 Info


When suspecting at covid-19 infection in guest in accommodation facility the following should be done:

The responsible person in accommodation facility or a person especially authorised by him informs about the infection the doctor in GP office or doctor in tourist clinic (herewith called: doctor in charge) for the medical examination to be done.

In case at the first contact the doctor in charge raised a suspicion that the person is infected with COVID-19 virus the responsible person of accommo-dation facility asks the guest to remain in accom-modation facility with doors closed and provides to the guest the medicine ( surgery) mask and paper handkerchiefs in sufficient quantity and directs the guest not to leave the room until the arrival of the doctor ( arrival of the doctor at home visit or organ-ised transport of sick guest to the doctor’s office ) and receiving of further instructions.

The doctor in charge finds whether all the criteria of suspicion at COVID-19 infection are present and depending on the clinical state of the guest decides whether it is necessary to call the epidemiologist.

At suspecting at COVID-19 a swab is taken or organ-ised to be taken for timely diagnostics of COVID-19 infection and the isolation for the sick guest and his/her close contacts is established in accommo-dation units until the arrival of the testing results.

The accommodation facility employees namely the accommodation services providers do not enter the room in which the person under suspicion on COVID-19 is located, rooms of his/her close con-tacts, and the guests are informed that the linen change and cleaning of the room shall not be done at usual time and in usual way. Each such guest should keep him/herself the cleanliness of the room/space in which he/she stays with detergents put at dis-posal by accommodation facility. Serving of meals shall be done with room delivery and guests with no full or half board accommodation shall buy (order) meals from the accommodation restaurant for entry and exit control and with delivery of meals until the front door of the room /apartment. In smaller or apartment accommodation facilities, the owner or person in charge for accommodation shall organise the delivery of food and other necessaries for the guest until the front door of the room and contact the competent health service.

In case of need of contact with sick guest while waiting for the results of COVID- 19 tests one person shall be nominated as the person in charge for such guest with obligatory wearing of protective medi-cine mask and gloves and keeping physical distance from the infected person.

Masks, gloves and similar protective equipment should be thrown into waste bin with cover contain-ing two plastic waste bags immediately after the usage. After throwing the protective equipment into garbage, the employees should wash their hands with soap and water or disinfect them.

Guests who are members of the same group or same family as the sick person should also remain in their rooms until the contact with doctor in charge and until the arrival of the test results in case of suspi-cion to COVID -19.

In case the doctor finds the guest is not infected with COVID-19 the therapy in line with his/her condition is established, the self-isolation for the guest and his/her close contacts cancelled and the guest can move freely having in mind the protection of the health of other guests from tourist object.

In case of confirmation of covid-19 in the guest – the following should be done:

The guest with COVID-19 infection confirmed and in case his/her state of health requests hospitalisation he/she is transported into health institution accord-ing to the doctor’s indications and depending on the severity of the disease, using the motor vehicle, or-ganised transport or by sanitary transport. In case of sudden appearance of heavy, life threatening symp-toms emergency medical service is called. Transport by public means IS NOT ALLOWED.

In accordance with doctor in charge the domestic guests with COVID-19 confirmed with mild symp-toms or with no symptoms at all are recommend-ed to stay into isolation in proper accommodation (at home), by proper transport and without using public transport if possible. In this case, his family doctor or competent doctor according to the place of isolation (in consultation with competent epide-miologist) shall take the further care about the sick person.

Domestic guests that are contacts with the sick go to home self-isolation with the further care of their family doctor (in consultation with competent epi-demiologist )

Foreign guest with COVID-19 infection confirmed and with no possibility for self-isolation at home should be accommodated in organised facility for isolation foreseen for such needs by local self-gov-ernment in a way that guests are transferred to previously prepared object suitable for staying into isolation ( objects set and equipped by local Cri-sis Headquarters or local self-government can be apartments, houses ,mobile houses, dormitories and sim) with the further care by doctor in charge for accommodation facility ( in consultation with com-petent epidemiologist ).

The same applies for the guests that were close con-tacts of the sick person and for whom the quaran-tine /self-isolation should be organised.

Foreign guests with COVID-19 infection confirmed and foreign guests – close contacts of the person in-fected with COVID-19 can return back to their coun-tries before the expiration of the isolation of the sick namely quarantine/self-isolation for healthy close contacts after the consultation with the health authorities of their country through IHR system, (In-ternational Health Regulations) and agreement on the way and financement of their transport in their home countries.

The employee namely the person in the household in which the accommodation services are provided to whom COVID19 infection is confirmed should undergo hospital treatment or isolation at home or at organised isolation unit , depending on the severity of the disease.

The employee namely the person in the household in which the accommodation services are provid-ed who was in close contact with the person with COVID-19 confirmed should undergo isolation at home or at organised isolation unit for health con-tacts of persons infected with COVID-19.

The doctor in charge that prescribed the isolation or quarantine/self-isolation takes care about the end of isolation and health condition.